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Essentials of Business Continuity Management

Essentials of BCM is an online learning resource which gives a complete overview of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) lifecycle in keeping with the Business Continuity Institute's Good Practice Guidelines and ISO 22301.

The course contains a level of information roughly equivalent to that of a one-day classroom based course. It explains the key concepts of BCM and will help the student to gain a good understanding of what is required in order to implement BCM within an organisation. All aspects of the BCM lifecycle are examines in the course from BCM Programme Management through to Review Maintenance and Embedding of BCM arrangements.

The course covers

  • - The need for continuity planning
  • - The language, concepts and tools of Business Continuity
  • - How to define continuity requirements and choose appropriate recovery strategies
  • - Understanding the key elements of a continuity plan
  • - How to exercise the plan
  • - The key elements of a Business Continuity Programme
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