An Executive Guide To Business Continuity


This one-day course gives a strategic overview of the principles and practices of Business Continuity Management, based on the BCI's Good Practice Guidelines and BS 25999. It will enable delegates to develop a Business Continuity policy, monitor its performance and understand the BC implications of Board decisions on the organisation's resilience.

Who should attend this course?

Board members, CEOs and those in the public sector in equivalent senior posts.

This course covers:

- Understanding the responsibilities of the Board and senior staff with respect to Business Continuity & Risk Management
- Appreciate the need for Business Continuity planning
- Understand the language of Business Continuity
- How to define continuity requirements and recovery strategies
- Understand the key elements of a Continuity Strategy
- Assess the effectiveness of BCM within your organisation
- Monitor the effectiveness of the Business Continuity Team
- Understand resourcing requirements for Business Continuity

Dates and Prices

This course currently has no public dates. We can, however, run it in-house for you. Please visit our In-House Training page or contact us on +44 (0) 161 743 3555 for more information.